February 3, 2012

I got Valentine's on my mind.

Oh Valentine's Day! This holiday definitely wins the love/hate relationship award with people around the world. I happen to love it for the simple fact that I can binge on conversation hearts and the shops are filled with pink, red, and white everything. For all you valentine-less one's out there, there are so many products you can spoil yourself with. Don't be let down with the fact that your not having to put all your trust "in a man" to make the night go right. Instead get off your pity me booty and do the night just the way you like it yourself. 

Where to start:

A. Head on over to your nearest LUSH and buy yourself a Do Knot Disturb goodie bag. It includes 4 delicious body products that will leave you feeling like a sex-pot after a nice hot bath. Check it out here.

B. Proceed to a DIY manicure and surprise your nails with a lacquer from Butter London's spring 2012 collection. You can purchase my two favorites here. Disco Biscuit and Trout Pout.

C. BE DARING and do a magenta lip like Rihanna or BE ROMANTIC and play up your eyes by smoking out black and brown eyeshadows and finish off with a nude/pinky lip like Blake Lively. 

D. Curls, whether soft or bouncy, are a must for Valentine's Day! Try using this method by Cupcakes and Cashmere with your curling iron for a soft look. Invest in this curling wand for tight bouncy curls. Once you start the wrap-around method you will never stop. It saves you time and gives you a more natural looking curl. 

E. What is Valentine's Day without Victoria's Secret? They are telling us to have a "Lacie Day" by offering 3 for $30 on any lacie panty here

F. Slip on your favorite dress or your new Hudson jeans (appropriate). I personally love this nude and lace little number. Heels or flats? Your choice.

Now we didn't just do all that primping and pampering for nothing! Call one or a couple of your girlfriends and head out for the night. Catch an afternoon movie and late dinner or hit up a comedy club and have drinks afterward. Moral of the blogpost is. Valentine's Day is one day a year, no matter what the situation is, to focus on all the good things you have and the people that love you. 

G. Here is a HUGE BESO to all who read. MUAH!

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