January 13, 2012

Let's have an Oatmeal and Tea Party!

Now we all know eating oatmeal and drinking tea are both very beneficial to our health. Every morning my breakfast consists of a good portion of oatmeal and hot tea. Oatmeal, when eaten on a regular basis, increases our chances of not developing heart disease. Drinking tea each day, depending on the type, comes with many benefits and juicy goodness to our overall health. A majority of teas carry antioxidants which help our body fight illness and protect us from aging and pollutions. 

Are you having some girl time or a sleep over anytime soon? Did you know you can use the oatmeal in your kitchen and the tea in your cupboard for times like these?

Oatmeal & Honey Mask
3/4 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of water
1/4 cup of honey

Cook oatmeal as normal, wait to cool, and add in honey. Mix well and apply the mixture onto your face leaving it for up to 20 minutes. Also you could use this mixture as a face wash for a natural exfoliation treat for your skin. Just leave out the honey in that case.

Oatmeal is great for acne prone skin. It absorbs excess oil and scrubs away dead skin cells.

The Ice-Tea Facial
2-3 bags of your favorite tea
Boiling water
Ice tray

Place tea bags in water and let brew for a few minutes. Take tea and pour into ice tray. Place in freezer.
It's that simple! When the ice cubes are ready, take one out and let it thaw for a minute or two. Now you can rub one all over your face for a refreshing and chilly feel. When it has all melted into your skin, take a paper towel and dab your face to remove the liquid. Let the sticky feeling stay on your skin for 20 minutes and wash off. Massaging the ice cube on your face can reduce redness in pimples and also shrink the size of pores. 

Green tea and Chamomile Tea are preferred for the best results.

Have you tried either of these yummy ideas?
What sort of things do you put on your face?


  1. Yes, please do and let me know your results! Thanks for checking out my blog! : )