January 10, 2012

My Experience with Ulta.com

Ulta has got to be by far my favorite beauty store to shop at. I do love Sephora unconditionally but I lean towards Ulta ninety percent of the time for the fact they carry drugstore products and always seem to have a twenty percent coupon floating through the mail. Sometimes I just like to sit on their website and add things into my basket and see what my total turns out to be. They always are offering great deals and savings for those of us wannabe coupon cutters. The in-store employees have always been so helpful. I especially appreciate talking to someone who knows about their job and what they are selling. It makes a lot of sense to me to hire someone who has a passion for what they are doing and reflects that through their work. Now onto my rant...

12. 05. 2011
This Christmas I was buying for my brother's fiance. Since I live in Mexico and shipping is off the wall insane I like to shop online to save me the stress and extra money. I picked and poked around the website for probably an hour until my basket had about 10 items. Alas I click to check out with paypal. My basket was still full to the top but my money was gone. *Thinking.. website loading error. I'll check back tomorrow. And tomorrow is here and my basket is still full. Okay, I will go ahead and write an email. 

12. 12. 2011
No answer, no nada. No number to call for those of us international shoppers. I called the store in Lynnwood, WA. They can't help me. So I had to have my mom call while I am on Skype with her. Ulta tells me it is not there problem. It is Paypal's problem. Well, it turned out to be Ulta's problem.

12. 17. 2011
Money is deposited back into my paypal so I go ahead and transfer it to my bank account.

12. 19. 2011
Let's try our order this time with my debit card. Surprise! Surprise! Money is taken out of my account and my Ulta order sits lonely in it's basket. 

12. 20. 2011
Phone call to Ulta again over Skype with my mom. Ulta tells me (the truth this time) that they are having issues with their website. I ask the lady if she could just take my order over the phone. She replies back with a snotty voice, "No. We don't take orders over the phone." Then she goes onto explain that I need to call my bank and have them request the money back from Ulta. I had about lost it. Finally, after starting online shopping with Ulta twenty days prior to Christmas, my gift will be arriving in the next year because Ulta needs to get their _______ together. Told her she better have her manager call me two days after Christmas so I can speak with her about the whole ordeal. 

01. 10. 2012
I am still waiting on that phone call.

Beautystaple's tips for Ulta.com

 Retrain both women whom I spoke to.
 We are in 2012, I would advise you to make it possible to order over the phone.
Canada and the United States are not the only customers who need to reach you.

Do you have a rant to share about online shopping or any store who hasn't met your needs?

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  1. I am having the same issue with ulta.com, I purchased through paypal, but when I tried to place an order or submit the order, it was showing me errors, then I checked back my paypal account & it's cut down my paypal balance, what should we do now?!