February 21, 2012

Cut Outs

Last night my fiance and I headed over to Hacienda Encantada Resort in Cabo San Lucas. My aunt and uncle are currently staying in a beautiful room nestled in the corner with a breathtaking view of the Sea of Cortez. We had plans to go to dinner in town and then head on back to the resort to sip some homemade margaritas. 

The dress code for the restaurant was dressy/casual. I had purchased this top here in town and haven't had the right place nor guts to wear it. Last night was an exception because I felt like I was on vacation myself. The top is a beautiful bright blue color. The color is so vibrant that I kept the rest of my outfit pretty plain to not take attention away from the shirt. I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone because it has two cutouts with a strip of lace in between, which reveals a little back. The shirt is cut short in the front and drapes long in the back. I wouldn't say I am very fashion-savy or that I have a particular style per say, but I know what I like and I like to feel good in what I wear. I paired the top with black jeans and some leather wedges with cut out detail. Underneath I wore a white tube top to hide the goods from the unforgiving sheer material.

Ignore my awkward back pose. All in all I'm glad I chose to step out of my box of comfort and wear something different. Personally I would like to hem the shirt in the back and have it all the same length. I think I could wear it for more occasions that way. I believe anyone can rock anything they want to as long as they are bleeding confidence and feel comfortable. 

What items in your closet are a little out of your comfort zone? 
And how would you have styled this shirt?

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