March 9, 2012

DIY clipless curling wand

This DIY project was inspired by the wonderful Kandee Johnson. Here is her video on how to turn your old news curling iron into a brand new curling wand. Of course I was dying to try this out. My poor CONAIR has been tucked in a corner of my closet with no love. It's a great curling iron but I was over the way my hair looked using it. Can we say old-school method? I love the idea of a clipless wand. I definitely can achieve a more natural looking curl and I have been really into the beachy wave look for a couple years now.

What you need:

Curling Iron with clamp.


Simple steps:
Remove screws on each side of the clamp.
Remove the screw that attaches the spring.
And after all that "hard labor" you have a new styling tool!


Nice & natural waves.

Will you try this simple DIY project?
Do you prefer a curling iron or a curling wand?
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whether it be relaxing or eventful!

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