March 25, 2012

Collection One Coat Nail Strengthener

 I was wandering around Walmart last week and of course I cannot stand to be in that store unless I sweep through the cosmetics section. Cabo San Lucas is known for overpriced drugstore beauty products. You honestly are better off purchasing from a high end department store to fill your beauty spending fix. Everything is way over priced. Hence the fact I don't purchase makeup items as often as I would like to. As I was looking around and searching for something with a reasonable price tag on it, I came across a box full of nail polishes. You are going to die when I tell you the price. Are you ready?
En serio!!
Two pesos translates to about twenty cents american to give a better idea to this killer deal. I ended up picking up four bottles to give the brand a try. But first, I am sure to open the bottles and check the brushes. Sometimes cheap nail polish can leave you with an uneven brush. I know this from experience. 

Too bad they don't have cute names like OPI and Essie nail polishes.
The brushes are standard. Nothing fancy.

Two Coats = Opaque.

The most important step is to have a good base & top coat, and a nail strengthener.
I use (from left to right): Seche Clear base coat, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, and Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield.
Have you seen these nail polishes at your Walmart? If you have I definitely recommend you pick a couple bottles up and give it a go. For twenty cents, you can't go wrong. I plan on going back in a couple of weeks to search for more shades. Maybe some spring brights would be nice! I am very pleased with the over all quality. I would probably pay up to five dollars a bottle considering the outcome. 

Happy Sunday to all!


  1. i saw your nails with that color and i just loved it!!! i have to buy it :) let´s go shopping toghether...

  2. Yes! Let's go do some damage at Walmart! : ) I'm so surprised by these nail polishes. I was in San Jose and I looked for them but they didn't have any. Hopefully they will have some hot pinks and pastels! <3