October 25, 2011

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo = Fail

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I am so disappointed in this product. 
Allow me to convince you and save you five dollars and the hassle.

My top three reasons why I will never put this product in my hair again:

Reason #1: 
This dry shampoo leaves a clay-like texture on your scalp that ends up weighing down your hair. I swear I felt like I had a bad case of lice! I was itching my head like a monkey searching for bugs.

Reason #2:
 After waiting for it to dry and do it's duty, you go on and brush through your hair. White/grey powder flakes are visible and difficult to disguise and rid.

Reason #3:
 I end up wanting to wash my hair immediately after applied because my hair feels more like a grease ball than before I had sprayed it.

On a postive note:
 It smells nice.

What I expected:
 Nice, bouncy, voluminous, fresh start, clean hair.

What Tresemme expected:
 The perfect solution to clean hair without water anytime. The unique formula, with Mineral Clay and Citrus, refreshes your hair by removing oil and odor while injecting volume. Just a quick spray transforms lifeless, limp hair into clean, fresh hair full of bouncy body.

Tresemme has always been a great affordable hair care line. In fact, one of my favorite products to use on the daily is my Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. It is too bad that this had to be the first dry shampoo I have tried because now I am a little discouraged. Looks like I am after something with a heftier price tag.

Do you Dry Shampoo? If so, which is your favorite?   

1 comment:

  1. Baby powder! It's my go-to product on days when I don't wash my hair. It absorbs the oil better than any other product I've tried. Plus it gives you a little volume boost AND it's cheap, which is always nice. You just have to apply a little to your roots and you're good to go. The only down side is that it doesn't smell as good as those expensive dry shampoos but you can easily fix that by spraying some other hair product over top, like a little bit of hair spray or conditioning spray. Nobody will no the difference! :)